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Activating My Faith
Who you with?
Growing UP with the right heart
Real Struggles...Certain Victory
Declare a Victim-Less Victory


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My Blog

Activating My Faith

Romans 10:17 – “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God,”
The activating of our faith can’t be separated from God’s Word, it is the establishing of the believer’s faith. In a devotional by Rick Warren, he states the believer can’t expect an instantaneous response in the development of our faith simply because we do not possess the capacity to handle all of God’s promises at once. It really does take time as we connect to God’s Word.

Faith is strengthened through the repetition of God’s Word in our daily walk.

Who you with?

Your worth is not determined by your "connections." Your worth is determined by the REAL FRIENDS who stay with you...after the "connected" people drop you!!

As you move through your season of transition, be diligent in surrounding yourself with people that are supportive in good and rough times. Who you are in God and your worth will only be fallible if you allow yourself to be gullible! Appreciate those who have the ability to see your worth at your lowest and still call you Anointed in the midst of your valley.

Growing UP with the right heart

As I reflect on my efforts to finalize the last (and most strenuous) phase of earning my doctoral degree, I continue to be stunned at how many within the Body of Christ have developed exclusive circles of "outreach." I'm thinking of how many people would be shocked or surprised when they learn that an individual's public persona and private personality don't always match.
Even in the midst of my own discoveries, I remain determined not to allow myself toGROW UPin GOD only to allow my compassion to 

Real Struggles...Certain Victory

Real Struggle….Certain Victory
Struggles are a part of our continuous walk in life.  Factually, we all face them, all of us. Sohere are a few thoughts to share.
No matter how bad issues get or how much you may fall, focuson God’s love for you in Christ.
If you are still here, then it means you lived through it!That’s a BLESSING because survivors NEVER leave empty handed!!
God allowed you to see the enemy’s plan unfold before youreyes and kept you in the midst of it…CELEBRATE!

Declare a Victim-Less Victory

Declare a “Victim-less” Victory…..
As I read through my social network pages, I often come across the many tweets or Facebook status updates that highlight an individual’s attention to their “haters.” I’m at a place of wondering….when does the role of victim end and the one in victory begin? I am not ignoring or dismissing the fact that many of US have been hurt or faced disappointments by the actions of others.  That is a definite truth!!  But what I’m also learning on this journey is that many have positioned themselves as victims because of


I John 4:4
Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
People who try to "take you down" with gossip have no clue of what you could "shut down" for them with prayer. Overcome them and pray for them anyway.

Open Your Mouth

We must remember that our voices are needed in the movement of our faith.  Your voice carries WEIGHT! Our voices contains the sound of our Expectation! Now is the time to PUT YOUR FAITH IN THE AIR! Speak God's Word!!

Gifted and Tormented....The need for Grace

The very untimely death of Whitney Houston has once again highlighted the fact that being gifted does not exclude facing torment. Those that are gifted are the most exposed to the snares of various addictions, depression, and other mental digressions that causes an internalization of a negative reality. Many people have the notion that being gifted is a shield, but the reality's really a bull's eye.
The truth is that the "Gifted" has to be allowed to be in the same position of Grace as those who consider themselves "whole.


Determination is a positional attitude that understands the need to press our way through.  It demonstrates a strength that says “I will get back up; I can let it go; and I do walk in God’s Favor.” Determination will give a different perspective in 2012. Keep these thoughts in mind:
  • The fact that you still believe in HIM despite your issues, has just qualified you for HIS Favor!
  • God definitely does not make mistakes..but I love how He always fixes mine!! God CAN do it for you.
  •  Don’t let your dreams fade just because others don’t see what you see.

Getting Ready For Your Next

For the past few weeks the book of Exodus has been our central theme for our teaching series "Getting Ready For Your Next." Exodus (to exit) details how God is able to transition His people from the worst situations, into their place of promise. 
Here are just a few thoughts that were gleamed from chapter 12 that will hopefully be a blessing as we transition from 2011 into the new year.
Even if you find yourself in Egypt, stay focused, IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE OF PROMISE.
Some of the issues you encountered in 2011 was not always because of your faults, some of it is because of your FAITH.
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